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Enrollment Planning Roundtable

The SUNY Online enrollment planning roundtable is a free consulting service, provided by SUNY System Administration. The roundtable discussion encourages campus participants to take a strategic view of the path forward for online programs, including considerations related to academic mission of the campus, target populations, ways to serve online students, and strategic opportunities for enrollment growth and scalability.  The roundtable is structured to be an interactive dialogue intended to help campuses:

  • Identify their online program aspirations and ensure alignment with overall enrollment planning aspirations
  • Target populations that may be ideal for growth or new program development, based on high needs/high demand areas
  • Create strategies to advance these efforts through a scalability plan to ensure that resources for support can scale with enrollment growth

These high need, online programs will help SUNY graduate more students toward our system-wide goal of 150,000 graduates per year by 2025.

STEP 1: Overview of Process and Campus Commitment/Expectations

(Email, and 90 minute conference call)

Engagement with Campus

  • Confirm roundtable date, location attendees and campus lead
  • Review and confirm validity of enrollment data (Basic IR online enrollments & growth data, program growth analysis)
  • Return pre- roundtable questionnaire (one week before pre-call)
  • Participate in a roundtable pre-call to review agenda and presentation (one week before roundtable)


STEP 2: Roundtable Discussion

(4 hour meeting at host campus)

Engagement with Campus Leadership

  • SUNY System to facilitate overall roundtable discussion on online enrollment growth
  • Identify aspirations for online program and lay foundation for future discussions
  • Identify ways in which SUNY System can help with enrollment growth and scalability plan
  • Provide the campus with a program data dashboard
  • Record action items and takeaways

STEP 3: Roundtable Follow up

(1 hour conference call)

Engagement with Campus Leadership

  • Provide campus with key takeaways, action items, final presentation and list of programs for growth
  • Hold a deep dive conversation on the debrief and next steps items discussed at the roundtable
  • Review and discuss campus scalability plan to ensure resources for support will scale with enrollment growth and advance enrollment efforts

Areas of Focus

Growth aspirations

  • Alignment on aspirations on the role of online enrollment growth 

Economics of growth & functions and capabilities

  • Strategic view of the path forward for online enrollment growth
  • Review of campus economics and operating model 

Programs for growth

  • Determine existing online programs to invest in for growth
  • Establish programs to move online or market online
  • Recommend distinctive new programs to start
  • Determine top job growth by region and necessary degrees (NYS Department of Labor)

Marketing and enrollment

  • Ideas on highest value marketing efforts
  • Marketing and enrollment best practices
  • Campus and System collaboration

Who Should be Involved?

Each session is facilitated by representatives from System Administration and uses campus data, student survey data, and Department of Labor data to help determine the best strategy for enrollment growth at your campus. The required roles on the campus include, but are not limited to:

  • Campus President
  • Provost
  • Faculty Governance Leaders
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Marketing and Enrollment Officers 
  • Academic Deans
  • Distance Learning Leader (if this position exists)
  • Other designees of the President

How Do You Participate?

For more information on the enrollment growth roundtable process, or to initiate the process with your campus, please contact Maureen Kinney at

For more information on SUNY Online, visit
SUNY Online+ Programs, visit

A PDF version of the information displayed on this page can be found by clicking here: SUNY Online Enrollment Planning Roundtable One Pager