Sustainable Leadership

MD Haque, Genesee Valley Center, SUNY Empire State College writes:

“This academic topic will focus on ways for organizational leaders to use sustainability as a leadership competency to achieve community or organizational goals in a way that empowers people, functions with limited resources, promotes healthy ecosystems and creates thriving and vibrant communities. Instead of viewing sustainability as an abstract end goal, this area will focus more on how students can lead in a sustainable way. This topic will also help students improve their own capacity to lead in times of uncertainty, scarcity, conflict, and skepticism. Through socio-constructive learning process appropriately utilized, students will learn how to navigate these difficult circumstances as a catalyst for change, rather than being in the unenviable role of problem fixer. Sustainability, as a decision-making platform will help students build trusting relationships, channel creativity and create balanced solutions that last and have fewer unintended consequences.”

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