Business, Economics, and Government


Roselynn Dow, Central New York Center, Utica Unit, SUNY Empire State College writes:

“Sustainability in business includes many different facets ranging from greening buildings and raising environmental awareness to developing lean systems in industry and manufacturing and promoting effective federal, state, and local policies that respond to societal needs.  Depending on one’s perspective, business should be solely focused on generating profits, should respond to shareholders’ needs for a return on investment, or should practice corporate social responsibility and look to the welfare of the community before its own.”

“Realistically, business must protect investments for its shareholders by producing goods and services that effectively meet the needs of its consumers.  Government must protect everyone’s rights, both business and community, while ensuring that our economy remains robust and fluid, able to respond to changes in financial markets and economic trends. The student of business sustainability must keep all of this in mind and walk the tightrope between securing profits while operating in ways that serve all stakeholders, stay innovative enough to meet competitive challenges, and develop leaner sustainable systems which ensure its organization can continue to do business without harming the environment.”