Sustainability & Education

This website provides information and resources to support incorporating sustainability into any course and any degree.

No one definition of sustainability is offered. We propose that sustainability is more a way of thinking, thus its meaning varies by context and field of study. For purposes of organizing educational resources, faculty members at SUNY Empire State College have divided ways of studying sustainability into a four part model with broad areas around science and math, business and government, awareness and the individual, as well as history, art, and culture.

Each of these broad topics is then divided further into areas of academic study.  Introductions to sustainability in more than thirty of these subject areas have been created by faculty members that teach on the subject matter. The broad areas of sustainability and subtopics that are listed on this site are only a few of the ways in which sustainability can be explored.

The site is a work in progress. If you have thoughts on resources to support any of these topics we have not included, please let us know.

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