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There are several ways in which students will communicate with their professors and their peers in online courses. Some tools are built directly into the Learning Management System, or LMS, and others are apps that you can download or may already be using.  

LMS Apps

You should know which LMS your campus uses for distance education courses. Download the appropriate app on your phone or mobile device to stay connected when you cannot be in front of a computer.  

Blackboard App icon


Canvas App Icon


Moodle App Icon


Brightspace App Icon


Emails and Messages

Students can download apps on their mobile devices or phone that help them communicate with their professors, their campus departments, and their classmates. The email and messaging tools you use depend on the campus you attend. Some SUNY schools use Google Suite products while others use Microsoft Office.  

Many distance education classes also have email and messaging built into the course. 

G Suite Icon

G Suite

Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Calendar and Forms.

Office 365 Icon

Office 365

Outlook, Calendar, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and One Drive

Video Conferencing 

Many campuses and professors will be using video conferencing tools to “meet for class” in a distance education setting. Make sure you know how to use them. Common tools are: