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6 Questions Students Ask When Classes Go Online

Your scheduled courses have moved online. Now what?  

Keep calm and study on – you are in good hands.  

The SUNY Online Success Team compiled a list of common questions students ask when classes go online.

1. How do I access my online courses if I don’t have access to internet or a device?  

Everything is still okay. Students should reach out to their advisors as soon as possible to establish a plan. 

2. Do I still have deadlines/assignments/tests?   

You still have deadlines, but you won’t have your instructor reminding you in person!  

  • Study your syllabus. 
  • Put important dates in your phone/calendar. 
  • Log into course(s) daily.  
  • Check email and read announcements/messages for important updates.  

If you are unclear deadlines or assignments, contact your instructor(s) immediately  

3. How do I access my classes and submit assignments/quizzes/tests/grades?   

You will access courses through a “Learning Management System” (LMS). Log into the LMS daily to for access your syllabus, readings, grades, and announcements. This is also where you submit assignments and take quizzes or tests. 

Click here for resources on accessing and working with your campus’ LMS.   

4. Will my assignments work the same? What about class participation?  

You are still responsible for the items in your course schedule. Instead, your lectures may be online and your assignments will be turned in electronically. Your instructor may use discussion posts or blog posts to encourage participation online. 

5. How am I supposed to do my work without going to the library or tutoring?  

As a SUNY student you have access to online tutoring services and an online library. When you access your online classes, you will see a list of resources on accessing and utilizing your online library and tutoring.  

6. What if I have a question?   

Make sure you know your instructor’s preferred method of contact. If you are not 100% certain, ask them. Some folks prefer emails while others prefer the LMS or phone.  

Online instructors can’t tell if you are tired, stressed, or confused. They no longer have the advantage of reading your body language and offering support.  

It is important to be proactive in advocate for yourself.  

  • Contact your instructor immediately to clarify, ask a question, or share a concern. This includes family emergencies, computer issues, or internet connectivity problems.  
  • Keep your instructor in the loop. The sooner they know where you’re at, the more willing and able they will be to assist you.  

If you don’t hear back within 48 hours, contact your advisor or department head for help. Online study moves quickly. Don’t fall behind because of an undelivered or missed email!