Sumo Paint

SUMO Paint


Getting Started

1. Click on the link above to get to the Sumo Paint page.

2. Once the page loads, click on New Blank Canvas. This will bring up a new workspace and then you are ready to work.

Uploading Photos from Computer

1. To upload a photo from your computer, go to the upper left hand corner and click on  File.

2. Then go to Open From My Computer.

3. A finder window will pop up that will allow you to browse your computer to look for the photo you want to upload. If the photo is on a flash drive, or external hard drive, scroll down the left side of the finder window until you find your device, then click to open it.

4. Once you find where your photo is located, Double Click on the photo. The  photo will then show up in Sumo Paint and you are now ready to begin working with the photo!



Uploading photos from Google Images

(Use this method if you do not want to download an image to your computer.)

1. Go to

Go to the upper right corner and click on images. You are now on the Google Images web search page.

3. Type in the kind of image you want. Then either hit enter/return on your keyboard, or click the blue magnifying glass on the side of the search bar.

4. Scroll down the page of images until you find the picture that you want.

5. Click on the picture that you want. It will pop up in  a preview screen on the page.

6. To the right of the picture, you will see a view image button. Click that button to bring the picture to a window of its own.

7. Go to the top of the window, using your mouse select/highlight everything in the URL bar.

8. Go back to  Sumo Paint

9. Go to File in the upper left had corner.

10. Go down and select Open From URL

11. A tiny window will pop up. Paste the URL into the box. Click Open

12. The image will then pop up into your canvas on Sumo Paint and you are now ready to begin working with the picture!