WordPress Tutorial

  1. Create an Account
  2. Sign into Your Account
  3. Embed a Photo


1. Create an Account:

  • Click on the link above to go to WordPress.
  • If this is your first time using WordPress, click on the large, yellow “Get Started” button to create an account.
  • Create a username, password, and free WordPress blog address.
  • Scroll down and select the “Create Blog” option under the “Free” blog column.

2. Sign into Your Account:

  • If you are already a user, sign in using your email address or the username you created.
  • Enter your password and select the “Sign In” button.
  • At the top of your window, in the blue header, you will be in the “Reader” tab.
  • Click on “My Blogs” to be taken to an overview of all of your blogs. (If you have created only one blog, only one blog will be visible.)
  • Click on the blue “Dashboard” button located under the thumbnail of your blog. (The Dashboard of your blog tells you how many posts you have created, how many pages you have in your blog, and the theme you have selected.)

3. Embed a Photo into Your Post:

If you are embedding a photo into a brand new post:

  • Go to the left sidebar of your screen, and hover your cursor over “Posts.
  • Select “Add New.
  • Enter a title for your blog.
  • Enter the text into the textbox.

If you are embedding a photo into a post that you’ve already published:

  • Hover your cursor over “Posts,” and then click on “All Posts.
  • Click on the title of the post that you want to embed the photo into.


  • Hover your cursor over the title of the post, then click on “Edit.”
  • Select the spot in the textbox where you would like your photo to appear. To do this, take your cursor and click on the spot. (The ideal spots to embed a photo are at the beginning of your text, at the end, or right after a paragraph ends.)

After selecting the spot for your photo:

  • Click on the “Add Media” button located under the title of your post. Your “Media Library” will appear.
  • Select the “Upload Files” option to use a photo from your computer or thumbdrive.
  • Click on “Select Files” at the center of the screen.
  • Browse through the folders, select the photo of your choice, and select “Open.
  • The photo will appear at the designated spot you chose within the textbox.