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Refining a Scalable Model for Open Educational Practice across the SUNY System

Lee Graham

Project Team
  • Ed Beck



Tier Two


Project Abstract:

This project aims to develop capacity, policy, and support for open education pedagogy (OEP) in the SUNY system. While online learning is well established in controlled, walled spaces like Blackboard, OEP encourages faculty and students to create public-facing resources as students demonstrate their learning. SUNY Oneonta and four other participating SUNY institutions will pilot the use of Reclaim Hosting in an attempt to create scalable solutions for OEP. Reclaim Hosting will provide a university-controlled and customizable tool to host shared open online learning spaces. Faculty at SUNY Oneonta and Instructional Technology (IT) support from the four participating institutions have been recruited to test the system and further develop support structures and pedagogical supports needed to sustain the technology and teaching model. The project outcomes are: to create tools to support faculty and students engaged in OEP; to propose policy that supports privacy, security, and university support for a scalable OEP model; and, to validate our model for scalable implementation. Through the model, students will benefit from a university-based hub from which to share their learning and develop digital literacy skills. In addition faculty will be supported as they share their strategies for innovative pedagogy through OEP. Technical support personnel will participate in order to share existing strategies and advise policy for supporting faculty and students working in the open. The project will be assessed through three methods: 1. Surveys of project participants and students in their classes that utilize the open pedagogy and transcriptions from meetings with faculty. 2. Documenting technology support results, and potential infrastructure needs concerning Reclaim Hosting as the project proceeds. 3. Synthesis of data, aligned with the outcomes with validation from participants.

Project Outcome:

Project Outcome Report