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The development of immersive virtual reality scenarios for increasing emotional intelligence, empathy, and self-efficacy in healthcare education.

Lori Sprague

Project Team

Binghamton University


Tier Two


Project Abstract:

As there is a continued need to improve healthcare outcomes and enhance patient experiences, healthcare educators need to consider using alternative pedagogies when teaching future healthcare providers to improve understanding of patient perspectives. Simulation has been at the forefront of this call. E-simulation is an emerging technology and includes virtual reality and computer based experiences for training. The overall purpose of this project was to develop patient centered scenarios and test the feasibility of creating the immersive virtual reality educational content and increase the learner's emotional intelligence, empathy, and self-efficacy. As a result of developing a cost effective simulation experience for use with smartphones and inexpensive VR headsets, online participants reported a rich, standardized experience.

Project Outcome:

Project Outcome Report