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Using Adaptive Learning Technology to Advance Clinical Competency in Performance and Interpretation of Equine Musculoskeletal Ultrasound of the Distal Limb

Allison Miller

Project Team

Cornell University, NYS College of Veterinary Medicine


Tier Two


Project Abstract:

Across curricula, there are simple, fundamental skills that are prerequisites for upper-level courses. Often there are not thorough instructional materials, practice, or assessment of these skills in introductory courses due to time constraints. We argue that online learning materials and Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) can offer instructional experience, extensive practice, immediate assessment, and adaptive feedback with little to no effect on class time. Such systems could help advanced students quickly confirm their knowledge, while also providing less-prepared students with thorough practice. This project will demonstrate this theory by developing a prototype ITS for introductory material in equine anatomy. A 3D model of the equine limb will allow students the ability to perform virtual ultrasounds, providing virtual experiential learning. The students can then employ the ITS, which will query their knowledge of these specific anatomic structures, assess their responses, and adaptively offer new challenges, providing both practice and assessment.

Project Outcome:

Project Outcome Report