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Scaling Up the SUNY Virtual Herbarium Network

Dr. Sean Robinson

Project Team
  • Kathryn Amatangelo, Ph.D.
  • Michael B. Burgess, Ph.D.
  • Laurie J. Freeman
  • Jack T. Tessier, Ph.D.
  • Kathy Spitzhoff



Tier Two


Project Abstract:

Herbaria, collections of preserved plants, are valuable sources of data essential to studies in the biological sciences. The goal of this project is to continue the development of a SUNY Herbarium Network and to scale up the SUNY Virtual Herbarium, in which all specimens housed at SUNY institutions will be digitized and accessible to researchers, educators, and students. Objectives include increasing access to herbarium collections at SUNY institutions, and developing and disseminating a new pedagogy for enhancing botanical education using digitized specimens. The digitization of herbaria collections at SUNY Oneonta and SUNY Plattsburgh will be completed, and the digitization of collections at SUNY Brockport will be started. These collections are being made accessible via an open-access data portal. Two web-based learning modules developed using IITG funds (round 5) awarded last year will be implemented and evaluated at three different types of SUNY institutions. These modules are designed to engage students, develop skills in scientific inquiry, and enhance botanically-focused courses. The dissemination of herbarium digitization methods, and the implementation of the learning modules, will be facilitated by a 2-3 day SUNY Herbarium Curator Workshop.

Project Outcome: