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Enhancing Geospatial Learning and GPS-enabled Field Methods in Geosciences

Benjamin Laabs

Project Team
  • Nicholas Warner, SUNY Geneseo
  • Scott Giorgis, SUNY Geneseo



Tier Two

Project Abstract:

Geospatial data and technology are revolutionizing the way that geologists study the Earth. Advances in remote sensing technology and geographic information systems produce the most precise and accurate models of the Earth surface, enabling investigations and geospatial analyses that, until now, were impossible. Given these advances and the rapid integration of geospatial data and technology into geology and related sciences, teaching and learning with geospatial technology is becoming a top a priority in undergraduate geology programs. Three PIs in the Department of Geological Sciences seek to enhance teaching with geospatial technology in eight existing classes through the acquisition of new software (ENVI and ArcPad) and hardware (a new desktop PC, field tablets and an unmanned aerial vehicle) that will enhance the Remote Sensing and Visualization Lab at SUNY Geneseo. Additionally, the PIs plan to develop a new Geospatial Field Methods class, in which geoscience and geography majors can deepen their understanding of geospatial technology and learn how to apply this technology to field studies. The proposed project constitutes a major augmentation of the existing geospatial technology in the Department of Geological Sciences that was recently implemented with tech fee support from CIT, and will afford the integration of a new set of learning objectives into the geoscience degree programs. The project will also provide key new resources for the development of a Geospatial Science Certification Program at SUNY Geneseo, which is currently being explored by the PIs and faculty members in the Department of Geography.

Project Outcome:

Outcomes TBD