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Collaborative Initiative on Problem Based Learning in Music Renewal

Natalie Sarrazin

Project Team
  • Tony Dumas, Brockport



Tier One

Project Abstract:

Problem-based learning is an effective, student-centered approach in which students learn higher-order thinking skills and integrative strategies by solving real-world challenges.This pilot project, funded by SUNY IITG in 2015, is in the process of developing best-practice models and pedagogically sound materials for survey and topic-based music courses that integrates general education content while encouraging students to think creatively and develop flexible solutions to large-scale issues and problems – skills essential for success in the 21st century. Initially, the project goal was to make materials from this collaboration (outcomes, models, and case studies) available through various platforms. However, the project's early success, collaborative buy-in, enthusiasm and student participation, indicate a more substantial contribution to the field is warranted, Because of the excellent results of the work based on last year’s grant, the most appropriate course of action is to disseminate this material in the best possible way to educators who would like to incorporate this innovative problem based learning in their music courses. Forms of dissemination include presentation on SUNY Commons, through SUNY Open, and as published in manuscript form through conventional publishing means. The uniqueness of this topic is of great interest and value to many members in college music education, making wider distribution more desirable.

Project Outcome: