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Crowdsourcing Creativity

Michael Masci

Project Team
  • Joe Dolce, Geneseo
  • Glenn McClure, Geneseo
  • Paul Schacht, Geneseo
  • Gerard Floriano, Geneseo



Tier One

Project Abstract:

Crowdsourcing Creativity will bundle existing technologies to create a comprehensive creative platform that will engage a wide range of constituencies in deep learning experiences through collaborative artistic creation. This platform will place SUNY in the forefront of crowdsourced artistic creation that both utilizes and promotes scholarship across the disciplines. Furthermore, this platform has the potential to create new, SUNY branded artworks in collaboration with faculty/students statewide that celebrate the good work of our university system.
Crowdsourcing Creativity will offer the opportunity to actively engage the general public in SUNY scholarly resources that result in public art works. Those that self-identify as “artists” and “nonartists” will contribute equally in both onsite and online content generation. Artistic professionals will curate all content to ensure its artistic and scholarly integrity as well as its potential to position SUNY as a leader in this interdisciplinary collaboration.
The proposed project will transform the common mechanism of user-generated, digital content into a dynamic vehicle for open source artistic creation. By providing a forum for the fusion of scholarly content into works of art, this platform will extend the high impact learning experiences we regularly create for students to off-campus mutual interest groups and the general public.

Project Outcome: