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Developing online lessons to improve student success in general chemistry and organic chemistry labs

Elizabeth Middleton

Project Team
  • Stephen Cooke, Purchase College Chemistry
  • Joe Skrivanek, Purchase College Chemistry
  • Monika Eckenberg, Purchase College Chemistry

Purchase, State University College at


Tier One

Project Abstract:

This project will improve student learning outcomes in General and Organic Chemistry laboratory courses by incorporating online, video-based lessons into the laboratory curriculum. The project will target subjects that will have the largest impact for student success both in chemistry and in other laboratory disciplines. The lessons will help develop students’ hands-on laboratory skills, conceptual understanding of individual chemistry topics, and ability to conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis of results. Overall, we expect that this course development will improve student success in the laboratory and associated lecture courses and increase retention of students as they advance towards their degrees. This course model can be applied to other laboratory disciplines to further support student achievement in STEM programs.

Project Outcome:

Outcomes TBD (August 2016)