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Instructional Technology to Stimulate, Enhance, and Attract Students In The Engineering Technology Field

Lucas Craig

Project Team
  • Christina Smith, SUNY Canton
  • Feng Hong, SUNY Canton
  • Rashid Aidun, SUNY Canton

Canton, College of Technology


Tier Two

Project Abstract:

The Bureau for Labor Statistics predicts that the U.S. will face a projected shortfall of qualified advanced- degree STEM workers by 2018. Part of the projected shortfall is for engineering technologists. In this proposal, a project-based engineering course will be developed and will use two primary teaching technologies to deliver engineering content to improve attraction and retention rates in Engineering Technology at SUNY Canton: a 3-D projector system and a gesture controlled armband, called the Myo. The 3- D projector system allows students to view items in 3 dimensional space and the Myo analyzes muscle movement provided by an individual’s arm to control technology. These teaching technologies will provide students with the opportunity to view applications and showcase engineering technology in a new, novel way.

Project Outcome:

The grant will provide a comprehensive framework of hands-on and inter-disciplinary projects in the engineering technology field to promote and attend engineering technologists in the future. High school students are given the opportunity to achieve college success and pursue an interest in the engineering and science fields.

Project Outcome Report