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Developmental Model Reform Initiative Expansion through a Digital Companion Course: Creating Reflective Practioners and Engaged Students

Martha Rottman

Project Team
  • Catherine M. Roche, Rockland Community College

Rockland Community College


Tier Three

Project Abstract:

RCC is proposing to expand its model of developmental course reform to include two additional community colleges, Westchester and Genesee, to bring the total participating SUNY schools to four. This expansion is aligned with the project’s original replication objective; it broadens the scope so that the impact and effectiveness of marrying technology with reforms in developmental coursework can be determined and how this supports pedagogy, specifically within remedial education; it will strengthen a model geared towards enhanced teaching and learning that is affordable and innovative; and, make recommendations for technology platforms and integration. This is a renewal request for RCC’s 2014-2015 IITG project that is making significant progress towards achieving its original objectives.

RCC's approach of an accelerated course with a digital tool companion (ePortfolio) is aligned with identified best practices for remedial education reform. Yet, until this piloted course, there is no known research on the impacts of utilizing ePortfolio in an accelerated learning environment. RCC’s IITG project is testing if ePortfolios (known to build student reflection skills and motivation) impacts retention and completion for students testing into remedial education. Preliminary results indicate positive results.

Project Outcome:

Outcomes TBD (August 2016)