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Adapting MOOC Courses to the Needs of Existing Educational Structures

Cyndi Burnett

Project Team
  • John Cabra, Buffalo State
  • Selcuk Acar, Buffalo State

Buffalo State College


Tier Two

Project Abstract:

Coursera has recently announced that they want to integrate their platform with Learning Management Systems (LMS) in order that universities can incorporate MOOCs as part of their accredited course offerings. If successful, this development offers a huge opportunity to dramatically expand access to educational content, across the entire SUNY network, while still maintaining rigorous academic standards.

The International Center for Studies in Creativity is currently running a MOOC, based on its 205 level Introduction to Creativity course. The faculty would like to enhance the content in order to offer it as an alternative to the seated 205 course. The efficacy of this alternative format would be established through comparisons with student performance on the seated courses.

Project Outcome:

MOOC posted on Transitioning to Coursera on-demand portal for possible future specialization.

Project Outcome Report