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A Digital “ProofSpace”, Facilitating a Flipped Classroom for Mathematical Proofs

Aaron Heap

Project Team
  • Suraj Uttamchandani, Geneseo



Tier One

Project Abstract:

In many ways, the Introduction to Mathematical Proofs course is a first course in mathematical writing. Analogous courses are offered in math departments throughout the SUNY system. The skills and content a student learns in this course are recalled, reframed, revisited, and revitalized as they continue their mathematical journey. To support students’ retention of ideas and methods from this course, we have designed an online repository of resources, called ProofSpace, to help facilitate the use of the flipped classroom format in some sections of SUNY Geneseo’s Introduction to Mathematical Proofs course. We hope these open resources will be used at other institutions as well.

Project Outcome:

The screencast modules are available for use and viewing at the project website

Project Outcome Report