SUNYport: Portfolio site for SUNY students

Awarded Grant: $20,000

Principal Investigator:

Mark Ludwig, University at Buffalo

We will implement an instance of VIVO open-source, semantic web based software to provide an e-portfolio service for SUNY students. Since VIVO tracks scholarly works, publications, research, awards, projects and detailed specialties of interest, it serves as a springboard for open access scholarly communication. We will provide video based educational modules explaining the virtues of the open access movement along with practical instructions for making contributions to repositories and linking
works to a personal VIVO profile. A final report will be submitted and publicly posted in the UB Institutional Repository. It will summarize the results of student pilots, student survey results and metrics from web statistics. Recommendations will be offered regarding the efficacy of VIVO for supporting emerging SUNY scholars

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

A. Ben Wagner, SUNY Buffalo
Dean Hendrix, SUNY Buffalo
Andrew Perry, SUNY Oneonta

Reports and Resources:

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