SUNY Healthcare Island: Exploring a Virtual SUNY Community of Healthcare Learners

Awarded Grant: $19,925

Principal Investigator:

Hope Windle, Ulster County CC

Since 2009, SUNY Ulster’s Nursing Program teaches in Second Life. Through the Internet-based collaborative platform, students simulate responses to case scenarios in a virtual hospital, learning critical thinking skills. Moving forward with IITG, we will be working with SUNY nursing programs, sharing our Medical facility, developing virtual scenarios on the SLN Healthcare Island. At the close of Phase 1 pilot, we will empower campuses to design and implement additional case studies and also create an assessment to address progress, successes and challenges. A yearly summit for faculty, staff and students will spotlight the growing opportunities of the SLN Healthcare Island.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Renée Gecsedi, MS, RN, Director of Education, Practice and Research, New York State Nurses Association (key partner)
Alexandra Pickett, SUNY Learning Network (key partner)

Reports and Resources:

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