Science and Engineering Everywhere, at Anytime, and for Everyone

Awarded Grant: $10,000

Principal Investigator:

Monica Bugallo, Stony Brook

Our innovative IITG-funded program engages undergraduates in authentic science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Motivated by the mission to build, operate and analyze data of an experiment to investigate cosmic ray science, we offer projects and seminars for students who partake on building the necessary tools for experimentation and a web-portal for offering activities everywhere, at anytime and to everyone. There have been three important objectives as part of this project: – To offer undergraduate research projects on the topics of apps development and data acquisition systems. – To offer educational seminars and courses. In particular, a course for the Women in Science and Engineering program on “What are atoms made of?.” The curriculum was built based on the undergraduate projects. We also offered a Physics camp for high school students to motivate them to aspects of physics through a variety of hands-on activities. – To build a new web-portal based on cutting edge technology and an open-source content management framework to host the materials of the educational activities. Graduate and undergraduate students were involved in this endeavor.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Dr. Helio Takai, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Reports and Resources:


Some of the projects and activities of this round will be scaled-up and continued during the new academic year.

Creative Commons License:

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