Prior Learning Assessment: A Competency-Based, E-Portfolio Framework

Awarded Grant: $59,750

Principal Investigator:

Nan Travers, Empire State College

Based on initial pilots at Empire State College of the Global Learning Qualification Framework (GLQF) funded through the Lumina Foundation as an Open SUNY initiative, this proposal seeks to scale-up a proof-of-concept project across additional SUNY campuses. The GLQF will be extended through an e-portfolio environment (Pebble PadTM) to support and scaffold students through a prior learning assessment (PLA) process, provide professional development to faculty on the advisement and support of PLA students, and provide trained evaluators a framework within which to assess college/university-level learning acquired outside the traditional academic environments. Results will be disseminated across SUNY to improve PLA practices to increase student access, support and degree completion across the SUNY system.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

  • Michele Forte, Empire State College
  • Robert Carey, Empire State College
  • Lisa Wilson, SUNY Potsdam
  • Louise Levine, Empire State College
  • Ross Garmil, Empire State College
  • Amy Tweedy, Empire State College
  • Ashley Frank, Empire State College
  • Thomas Kerr, Empire State College
  • Joan Johnsen, Empire State College

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