Observations of Students in Clinical Settings via iPads

Awarded Grant: $25,640

Principal Investigator:

Pam Youngs-Maher, Upstate Medical University

Upstate Medical University utilizes a curriculum model built on didactic and theoretical constructs, and the application of those lessons in clinical settings. Direct observation and feedback is believed to be an effective method for clinical skills assessments. Implementation of observations and timely feedback are challenging due to clinical demands and preceptor availability. This project will utilize “distance faculty” (DF) to observe patient encounters via iPad and provide real-time feedback to participating students. Distance Faculty Observation (DFO) will use mobile technology (Apple iPads) for this real-time observation and feedback system. Written feedback will also be documented and available via a web-based database. The pilot will involve faculty and students in three colleges at Upstate: Medicine, Health Professions and Nursing.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Ann Botash, Professor of Pediatrics, Pediatric Vice Chair for Educational Affairs, and Course Director for the Pediatric Clerkship at Upstate Medical University
Gene Bailey, Associate Professor of Family Medicine, and Course Director for the Family Medicine Clerkship
Patricia Powers, Assistant Professor of Nursing, and Course Director for the Family Nurse Practitioner Program (FNP Track)
Carol Recker-Hughes, Associate Professor, Director of Clinical Education, and Vice-Chair of the Physical Therapy Education Program
Joseph Smith, Director of Educational Communications

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