Non-Profit Community Partner Service Project

Awarded Grant: $4,706

Principal Investigator:

Amy Dohm, Clinton CC

Students in two English Composition, ENG 101, courses will create a community partnership with local non-profit organizations and design a Prezi presentation and promotional brochure for the organization. Students will develop the documents using a professional subscription to Prezi and Microsoft Word. Prezi is a cloud-based, non-linear program accessible beyond the classroom. The submission of comments on the process and rough drafts of the projects will begin on a Web site. Throughout the semester the student groups will be communicating with the partners and sharing drafts of the brochure. Students will also send their community partners a student-designed rubric asking them to evaluate the working relationship and final products. Effectively doing/demonstrating all stages of the process means that course materials, technologies, concepts, activities are utilized in effective ways, improving student engagement and learning across the disciplines.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Nathan Franklin, English Dept., Clinton Community College

Reports and Resources:


Students thought the project was useful and enjoyed the experience. For the second semester, student used clubs on campus to help and provide promotional materials. This was very successful as well because students had an interest in the organization.

Creative Commons License:

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