iPad Mechanics Physics Instruction

Awarded Grant: $10,000

Principal Investigator:

Dan MacIsaac, Buffalo State

We propose to create videos and written lab instructions as useable learning objects for teachers of physics both at the HS and College level. These materials will be shared across and outside of SUNY via the SUNY Digital Learning Commons.

We will obtain and integrate 11 IPads running Vernier Software’s _Vernier Physics App for iOS_ (cited in MERLOT II) into Introductory Mechanics and Teaching Introductory Mechanics courses (PHY107, 111, 510 and 620) using technology for video data collection and analysis of motion data in instructional laboratories. We will use video capture of mechanical phenomena (Eg dropped, tossed, rotating, and colliding objects) to study projectile motion, directly measure object linear and angular displacement, velocity and acceleration, fitting and selecting appropriate mathematical models to mechanics in laboratory exercises. We will develop three appropriate laboratory experiments making use of the system for kinematics – gravitation/projectile motion, momentum conservation, and rotational dynamics. We also have longer-term plans to use the iPads for additional open-ended media physics projects and investigations.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

David S Abbott, Instructional Support Specialist, Department of Physics, Buffalo State
Kathleen Falconer, Part-Time Lecturer for Department of Mathematics, Buffalo State
David Ettestad, Associate Professor of Physics, Buffalo State
David Henry, Associate Professor of Elementary Education and Reading and Adjunct Professor of Physics, Buffalo State
Brad Gearhart, physics teacher at Math Science and Technology Preparatory Academy PS#197, Buffalo Public Schools; and Summer Adjunct Instructor for Department of Physics, Buffalo State

Reports and Resources: