Introducing Virtualization via OpenStack “Cloud” System to SUNY Orange Applied Technologies Students

Awarded Grant: $20,000

Principal Investigator:

Christopher Rigby, SUNY Orange

The Applied Technologies Department will improve study of virtualization for Networking and Cyber Security majors by exposing students to a more extensive range of technologies and giving them relevant, applicable experience in a wider set of technology platforms. This will broaden student portfolios by exposing them to cutting-edge technology, prepare them for real-world employment, and help to propel them to success in industry. To achieve this goal, we will implement a small Openstack “cloud” system.

Student learning outcomes include:
• Provisioning virtual servers using industry standard tools and frameworks
• Demonstrating knowledge of configuration and administration of variety of operating systems
• Demonstrating an understanding of configuration and maintenance of several database platforms
• Using virtual servers as a platform for network security testing and analysis

Since the laboratory assignments developed would be modular, and the technology easily replicated, the program could be shared across SUNY.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Cartmell Warrington, Interim Chair of Applied Technologies, SUNY Orange

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