Improving Student Performance in SUNY Orange Placement Assessment and Developmental Courses Through the Use of Video Presentations

Awarded Grant: $12,749

Principal Investigator:

Mary Ford, Orange County CC

In order to expand and supplement a current outreach program designed to improve student outcomes on the college’s placement exam, SUNY Orange will produce a series of video presentations about how the college uses Accuplacer placement assessment. These video modules will focus on:

  • The purpose, format and ramifications of the exam
  • Subjects covered in the math and reading components of the exam and the rubric used to evaluate the essay component
  • Available online resources to help students prepare for the exam

To ensure widespread dissemination, the presentations will be housed on SUNY Orange’s admissions webpage and will also be available to be linked to or embedded in area high school guidance departments’ websites with other information regarding college admissions.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Stacey Moegenburg, Associate Vice President, Business, Math, Science and Technology Division, SUNY Orange

Reports and Resources:

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Attribution Non-Commercial Use Share Alike