iMOOC: A Multiuser Platform for International Online Learners: Phase Two

Awarded Grant: $20,000

Principal Investigator:

Valeri Chukhlomin, Empire State College

iMOOC is a cross-campus collaborative project aimed at preparing international online learners (both on- campus and off-campus) to seamlessly navigate and successfully integrate into U.S. online learning environments by learning about the American culture, American academic system and student-centered pedagogies, and by refining critically important skills and getting familiar with some of the U.S. educational technologies. During Phase One of this project, the project team developed and prepared to launch an OPEN SUNY course “iMOOC101: Mastering American eLearning” ( During Phase Two, the project team proposes to focus on sustainability and scalability of the project by: a) developing and launching a low maintenance, competency-based, on-demand version of the above course; and b) working with partner colleges (both within and outside SUNY) to develop a scalable “adoption model” where iMOOC will be incorporated into preparatory and remedial services for incoming, on-campus and off- campus international students.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Bidhan Chandra, Professor, Empire State College
Anant Deshpande, Assistant Professor, Empire State College
Aiko Pletch, ESL Lecturer, Haggerty English Language Program, SUNY New Paltz

Reports and Resources: