Hybridization: Transforming to a Hybrid Foreign Language Instructional Model

Awarded Grant: $9,600

Principal Investigator:

Rose McEwen, Geneseo

This project entails assessing the viability and effectiveness of transforming the three foreign language courses that satisfy SUNY Geneseo’s GEN ED requirement from traditional, face-to-face teaching/learning formats to a hybrid, Quia-powered online model. Using Geneseo’s Spanish language courses as the prototype for other languages, the project evaluates the process of adopting ACTFL-based proficiency measurements to the assessment of the effectiveness of hybrid beginning- and intermediate-level courses (in comparison with traditional instruction models) in the development of the four foreign language skills: speaking, writing,listening and reading.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Ms. Felisa Brea, Lecturer of Spanish, Department of Languages and Literatures, SUNY Geneseo
Mr. Bill Heller, Lecturer of Spanish and Department’s Assessment Coordinator, Department of Languages and Literatures, SUNY Geneseo

Reports and Resources:

  • Final Report: Chronicles the process of implementing this project, including the project’s background, as well as the challenges encountered, and the resultant findings and conclusions.
  • Powerpoint presentation, with charts that highlight the data and information described in the final report.
  • Project outcomes report

Creative Commons License:

Attribution Non-Commercial Use