Gift and Deselection Manager Online

Awarded Grant: $11,500

Principal Investigator:

Mark Sullivan, SUNY Geneseo

The Gift & Deselection Manager Online (GDM) will manage and streamline a single library’s workflow for processing gifts and evaluating materials for weeding while aiding in coordinated collection development, last copy detection, and resource sharing. By linking gift processing, conspectus analysis, and deselection among all the SUNY libraries, GDM Online would achieve a high level of Systemness . This system would also allow for enhanced acquisitions through usage data from ILLiad systems, book lists, and circulation statistics. Weeding of collections, on a consortial scale with GDM Online, would provide for a simple way to determine if one library’s discards would fit another library’s subject area. Last Copy could be easily determined and would prevent the loss of a unique item from SUNY libraries. Textbook detection at each library and throughout SUNY would reduce the financial burden for students, families, and SUNY campuses.

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