Gestural Melody: New Learning Tools for Musical Composition

Awarded Grant: $9,979

Principal Investigator:

Keith Landa, Purchase

The goal of our project is to develop software tools that would allow melody writing students to break out of the constraints imposed by traditional notation form, in order to more easily sketch out ideas for the melodies that they wish to create and be able to play them out in a variety of formats. The main software would combine touch-based drawing tools implemented for tablet computers with music output and instrument control functionality available through Pure Data, along with a suite of tools for editing, commenting, transforming and exporting the melody projects.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Peer Bode, Professor of Video Arts, Alfred University
Dr. Jim McElwaine, Professor of Music, Purchase College
Paul Thayer, Instructional Support Associate, Purchase College

Reports and Resources:

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Attribution Non-Commercial Use Share Alike