Exploring New Horizons: Science And Engineering Everywhere, At Anytime And For Everyone

Awarded Grant: $52,500

Principal Investigator:

Monica Bugallo, Stony Brook University

This project broadens the scope of our previously successful IITG pilot program by expanding the offered research and educational activities, by improving the cyber-infrastructure that makes them possible everywhere, at any time and to everyone, and by implementing a research component to assess the effectiveness and impact of the proposed initiatives. Our ultimate goal is to engage students in the passion, challenge and opportunity of exploring the science of detection of cosmic rays and analysis of data related to them, through innovative technology involving building and operation of cyber-tools in the form of hardware devices and software applications. The nature of the project is multidisciplinary and embraces participants from different SUNY Stony Brook departments including Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics and Astronomy, and Science Education. We focus on underrepresented students through our collaboration with the Women In Science and Engineering program and the Center of Science and Mathematics Education, and we seek for expansion of the activities by involving collaborators from SUNY Geneseo and SUNY Albany.

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