Enriching Teaching Field Experience Through Technology

Awarded Grant: $9,700

Principal Investigator:

Kjersti VanSlyke-Briggs, SUNY Oneonta

This project builds upon an established partnership school relationship between SUNY Oneonta and a local school district, where a team of two education students will engage in a field experience over the course of one year, which includes use of technology in instruction. In addition to providing these participating pre-service teachers (students) with a clinically rich experience through closer supervision by and interaction with their faculty supervisor, the project will enrich the experience of high school English students by providing appropriate technology in the classroom and integrating it with instruction. The project gives student teachers and educators the ability to collaborate upon and refine lesson planning and delivery, efficiently and effectively meeting the requirements for pre-service teacher assessment established by the edTPA teacher performance initiative (see http://edtpa.aacte.org/) , and is broadly applicable to teacher education programs across the State.

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