Development of an Interactive Case Study Capability

Awarded Grant: $14,960

Principal Investigator:

Christopher Urban, SUNYIT

The SUNY IITGrant will be used to develop and implement an online interactive prototype case study. The case study will consist of modules that simulate real-world situations and place the student in a decision-making role that requires the use of scientific data and knowledge. The prototype will facilitate learning theories and concepts related to energy and engineering. The student will make realistic real-time decisions concerning design and operation of a regional electrical grid. The expectation is to build on this prototype in the future to create additional case study modules that cover a range of topics and student levels.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Glenn E. Van Knowe, Ph.D., MESO, Inc.
Kenneth T. Waight, Ph. D., Sun Dog Science, LLC

Reports and Resources:

Creative Commons License:

Attribution Non-Commercial Use Share Alike