Developing a Technology Platform to Support Blended-Online Learning

Awarded Grant: $18,500

Principal Investigator:

Douglas H. Summerville, Binghamton University

As the technologies behind blended-online education have matured, several new educational models have emerged which offer the potential for increased student engagement, and which can significantly increase the amount of student-teacher interaction possible for a given course. Binghamton University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department has successfully piloted two blended-online courses centered around student-teacher interaction, and has developed several new prototype technologies which further the goals of blended-online education, including a system that allows the question generation and grading features of online questioning systems to be used in an offline lecture environment. We will generalize these technologies so they can be easily used in any educational discipline at any institution, and develop training and support materials which will allow other educators to understand and effectively use our tools.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Kyle J. Temkin, Instructor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Binghamton University

Reports and Resources: