Administrative Questions

I don’t deal with finances or purchasing very often. What do I need to know about IITG funds?

The University-wide funding that supports the Innovative Instruction & Technology grants is a line item in the New York State budget and is backed by NYS tax dollars. This grant funding is NOT associated with the Research Foundation. Because there are differences in the way funding works at state-operated campuses and community colleges, information below is provided for each group. If a campus office you are dealing with has questions about the IITG funding, sharing a copy of this FAQ with the office might be helpful.

Are FACT2 representatives eligible to apply for a grant?

Are FACTrepresentatives required to be listed as a collaborator on the grant?


I have more questions about SUNY FACT– How do I locate my campus representative?

Campus FACT2 representatives are listed on the FACT2 web site.

What is required from me if I receive a grant?

  • An Award Acceptance Form will be signed between you and SUNY System Administration.
  • You must identify a local campus financial point of contact who will have oversight of the account that is used to draw funds to support the grant.
  • A brief, interim report is required approximately half way through the project (you will be notified well in advance), and the final report (the majority of which is anticipated to be the material shared in the SUNY Learning Commons). All projects are subject to random audits.
  • You are expected to present findings at the annual SUNY CIT conference in a format of your choosing (more details will be made available when CIT 2014 enters a planning phase).
  • Your project must be shared in the SUNY Learning Commons with use of a Creative Commons license. This will insure PI retention of intellectual property while co-licensing the innovation to SUNY to share in an open learning environment.
  • Principle investigators or project sponsors should be reasonably accessible to colleague inquiries throughout the life of the project.
  • You must plan for how to best share your innovation across SUNY through use of digital capture (e.g. scanned documents, video capture, etc.) to enable colleagues access to tools for successful replication of the innovation

What are the ways I can share the outcomes of my project? 

As described in the RFP (and expanded upon in the application), “…describe how your project outcomes will be documented and shared to enable others to replicate and/or build upon a project’s success in an open education environment (e.g., use of video clips, captured presentations, related documents and assessments).”

What is Foundant?

Foundant™ is a software company that SUNY contracted with to provide online, hosted grant management services.

What is the process for determining grant winners?

Grant submissions are evaluated by a peer review committee appointed by the SUNY Provost. Submissions are evaluated on a pre-determined set of criteria as laid out in the Proposal & Funding Evaluation section of the grant RFP.

I was working on my application when the computer crashed. It only saved part of my application – how can I avoid this? 

Please remember to periodically scroll to the bottom of your application and save your work, also – do not open multiple browsers of Foundant at one time.