Learner eXperience Designers (LXD) Exploring the Feasibility of Badging

Principal Investigator:

Beth Burns, Buffalo State College

Badging is an emerging trend in education that poses a new method of representing skills and achievements that may be difficult to document.  The exploration of badging has the potential to open up new ways of visually representing an individual’s skills and knowledge. The Learner eXperience Designers (LXD), a collaborative group at Buffalo State, will spearhead the exploration of integrating badging on campus and in higher education. Specifically, the LXD are committed to evaluating the logistics and effectiveness of badging in three specific areas: within a course, within a student training program, and within professional development.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Mark McBride, Buffalo State (Co-PI)
Ken Fujiuchi, Buffalo State (Co-PI)
Meghan Pereira, Buffalo State (Co-PI)
Jason Welborn, Buffalo State (Co-PI)

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