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Welcome to the SUNY Online Teaching Readiness Assessment!
Teaching online requires certain prerequisite technical skills, capacity, support, and motivation. This resource was designed to help you self-assess your basic technical skills, check your general readiness to teach online, and to give you the opportunity to hear directly from online faculty, instructional designers, and students about their online teaching and learning experiences to help clarify and deepen your understanding.

Use the check boxes to keep track of your progress though these introductory materials and resources.

To get started, follow the links below presented in a list format, or browse the self-assessments, resources, and videos presented graphically on the Readiness page.


Use these self-assessments to see if you have the basic and prerequisite technical skills to teach online.


Engage with these resources to learn more and keep connected.


View these videos to test your assumptions and perceptions about online teaching and learning.

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Once you have completed these Interested in Online Teaching Readiness activities, you are ready to learn more.

We have developed a self-paced online course that you can follow either as a mapped out journey, or you can browse it as a meandering path to provide you with a comprehensive dive into what you need to know if you are interested in online teaching.