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Service Agreements & Procurement

SUNY Online Service Level Agreements

SUNY Online offers service level agreements in the areas of Professional (Competency) Development, Online Teaching Support, Application Services, HelpDesk Services, Student Support Services and Campus Support Services. For specific details about any of the services listed below, visit the 2020-2021 Service Level Agreement. Any campus wishing to participate must complete a Participating Institution Agreement (PIA) found at the end of the SLA. 

Contact Sandy Cowin with any questions about this process (

Professional (Competency) Development

Starting in July 2018, professional development for the following areas of SUNY Online will be available through the SUNY Center for Professional Development (CPD) as part of its suite of professional development offerings:

  1. Help Desk / Application Services
  2. Student Support
  3. ID & Instructional Support
  4. Faculty Direct workshops/ Training
  5. Distance Learning Leaders and other Campus Leaders

For more information on Professional Development Services, view the details in the SLA or contact Jamie Heron at the SUNY Center for Professional Development (

Online Teaching Support

SUNY Online has a commitment to academic excellence through research-driven, community-supported practices of innovative online teaching, learner-centered instruction, and pedagogy-focused approaches. We are committed to assisting SUNY campuses and their online faculty to:

  • Become highly effective online educators who understand the pedagogy of quality online teaching and learning.
  • Leverage the appropriate approaches, best practices, tools, and functionality to meet learning objectives as well as create and manage effectively and efficiently designed online courses.


SUNY Online provides three points of access for campuses:

  1. SUNY-wide services available to any campus, for which there is no cost.
  2. Services for which a campus pays a single, annual fee that provides access to a variety of SUNY Online offerings.
  3. Pay-as-you-go services for which campuses are billed when a service is procured.

Campuses are encouraged to select from these options to assemble the supports and services that best align with their institutional goals for online education.


For more information on Online Teaching Services, view the details in the SLA or contact Alexandra Pickett (

Application Services

In partnership with the SUNY Information Technology Exchange Center (ITEC) and Blackboard, SUNY Online offers SUNY campuses a managed hosting environment for the Blackboard Learn, including the course delivery, content management, and community engagement modules, Learning Management System (LMS). Regardless of the hosting environment (ITEC, Blackboard, or Self-Hosted), the SUNY Online Application Services team will provide a high level of technical support of the Blackboard Learn application.


The SUNY Online Application Services Team provides several points of service for SUNY campuses:

  • Second-Tier Application Support Services
  • Blackboard Learn Administration Services
  • Remote Blackboard Learn Administration Services
  • Migration Support / Project Management / Training

For more information on Application Services, view the details in the SLA or contact Harry Cargile (

HelpDesk Services

The SUNY Online HelpDesk provides end user support for Learning Management Systems (LMS) via telephone, web, chat, and email for prospective and active students, faculty, and staff of the SUNY community. The SUNY Online HelpDesk staff strives to deliver quality customer service to support the missions of SUNY Online and the Office of the Provost. To ensure the best possible support, the HelpDesk provides the SUNY community with this Service Level Agreement outlining specific services, priorities, and responsibilities related to the support of technology.


The HelpDesk is committed to delivering quality customer service by:

  • Responding to requests for support within appropriate time frames
  • Interacting with all contacts in a respectful and professional manner
  • Requesting feedback for opportunities for improvement
  • Continuously working to improve the quality of service
  • Regularly reviewing and monitoring established performance indicators

For more information on HelpDesk Services, view the details in the SLA or contact Mike Walker (

Student Support Services

SUNY Online Student Supports prioritizes cultivation of research-supported practices by which students can successfully engage in the online learning environment at the campus level. SUNY Online Student Supports especially focuses on the “post-traditional” learner: individuals who may already be in the workforce without a postsecondary credential, and are pursuing further knowledge and skills while balancing work, life, and education responsibilities. To best support online students, SUNY Online Student Supports suggests campuses adopt key signature elements including a tool to determine readiness for online learning, online tutoring, a single-point-of-contact advisor or mentor “Concierge”, an early alerts system, and an online orientation.


SUNY Online Student Supports provides a range of resources to campuses, and is committed to assisting campuses in the creation and curation of effective online student and academic supports that best reflect campus culture, student need, and administrative direction. We are also committed to furthering our collective, system-wide learning and data-rich stories about the crucial role student and academic supports play in the success, retention, and completion of our online students.


For more information on Student Support Services, view the details in the SLA or contact Michele Forte (

Campus Support Services

Campus Support encompasses Institutional Readiness and Enrollment Planning Roundtable, as well as a variety of optional fee-based technology solutions.


SUNY Online is a system-wide effort designed to maximize online-enabled learning opportunities for all SUNY students current and future. To answer your questions about SUNY Online and to be sure your campus is prepared and has the opportunity to participate fully, System Administration is offering assistance, at no cost, to help campus leadership teams assess their institutional readiness for the SUNY Online effort.


The SUNY Online enrollment planning roundtable is a free consulting service provided by SUNY System Administration. The roundtable discussion encourages campus participants to take a strategic view of the path forward for online programs, including considerations related to academic mission of the campus, target populations, ways to serve online students, and strategic opportunities for enrollment growth and scalability.


For more information on Campus Support Services, view the details in the SLA or contact Dan Feinberg (