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Obtaining Transcripts When Schools Are Closed

Transcripts are required when students apply to any college program. For many reasons, students can have trouble obtaining transcripts from their high school or former college because the school is either temporarily or permanently closed. Just because a school is not open, it does not mean your transcripts are gone too. You have several ways for obtaining transcripts when schools are closed.

How to get High School Transcripts

  • Make a Call to the School

The first place a student should start when trying to obtain transcripts is with the school. High school students should call their school counselor or counseling office.

  • Go Online

In many cases, students are unable to reach someone at the school. This is where the internet helps students get business done quickly. Simply, go to your school’s website, type in “transcripts” in the search field, and follow the school’s directions. You can also use a 3rd party site to find your transcripts, as many high schools and post-secondary institutions use clearinghouses or transcript companies to order and safely deliver official transcript records.


  • Contact the State’s Department of Education

For students who cannot reach their high school, locate a transcript service online, or who graduated years ago can contact the state’s Department of Education for guidance. It is important to note that the NY Department of Education cannot issue high school transcripts. It issues only TASC and GED transcripts, as well as duplicate diplomas.

HSE, GED, and TASC Records

Students who require GED, HSE or TASC records should contact the New York Department of Education.

The site has an online form that can be mailed in for processing.

How to Get College Transcripts

  • Go Online

Students who have attended college should call the registrar’s office at all colleges they attended in the past, even if they did not complete there.

  • Contact the Registrar’s Office

College campuses may have restricted physical access, but most offices continue to be operational. Students can call the school’s registrar for guidance on obtaining transcripts when an order cannot be completed online.

Common Questions About Obtaining Transcripts

What if my former college is permanently closed?

NY students can find a list of merged colleges at the Department of Education’s website. The Department provides students with a list that helps them identify where and how to obtain transcripts. If the NY Department of Education is listed as the place where transcripts are stored, then students must fill out a transcript request form.

Additionally, a complete list of colleges and institutions that have been permanently closed or merged is found at CollegeSource Online. The tool allows students to find information for former, closed, renamed, and merged institution in the US and abroad.

Does SUNY share transcripts among schools?

SUNY schools to not share transcripts. Each SUNY school operates independently of each other; therefor, when you attend one SUNY school and apply to another, you must request transcripts. A complete list of SUNY schools helps students contact the right office at their former institution(s).

If a student applies to multiple SUNY schools, they can do so with the SUNY Application. Cost can be a factor when applying to multiple schools, so students can send all official transcripts to The Application Services Center. The transcripts will be included on a student’s application and downloaded by the campuses to which a student has applied for review.

    • SUNY Application Services Center
      PO Box 22007
      Albany, NY 12201

If a student requires assistance during the application process, they can reach out the Recruitment Response Center for help with the SUNY Application.

If a student applies to only one campus, make sure transcripts are sent directly to that college. Click here to see the complete list of SUNY Admissions Offices.

Can I be accepted without transcripts?

Students can apply to a community college without their high school transcripts. They can take classes, but transcripts are required for financial aid. If you are transferring to a 4-year school, you must submit transcripts. Yes, the college application can be submitted without transcripts, but students who indicate a former institution on their application must provide all transcripts and supplemental documentation before an application is completed and ready for review.

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