Lecture Area

The course lecture area is where students can find the online equivalent of the traditional lecture that would occur in the classroom. Since the instructor is not present to conduct a live, interactive lecture in an asynchronous online course, other formats are utilized to deliver lecture information to students. One of the most effective and widely used forms of online lectures is the written form. The document you are currently reading is a perfect example of such a document. Written lectures typically contain information covered in the current module, supplements information provided in the reading (if the course uses a textbook), and ideally emphasizes the concepts that the instructor feels are most important. The lecture can take on many forms from a simple text document to an interactive tutorial.

Below is a listing of what you might find in the lecture area of your online course:

•Text documents containing content, concepts, images, and examples that would typically be presented in a live face-to-face course lecture

•PowerPoint presentations

•Downloadable files such as Word, Excel, .pdf’s that contain supporting information for the module

•Links to multimedia files such as audio or video or documents with embedded multimedia

•Links to additional resources such as online articles or activities that reinforce the material learned in the lecture