Assessments (Exams and Quizzes)



Assessments (exams and quizzes) are typically delivered in the face-to-face classroom during regularly scheduled class time. Students are usually monitored during the exam period which is limited to the length of the meeting period.Review of the assessment typically takes place during a class meeting. Assessments (exams and quizzes) are given online (unless other arrangements have been announced by the instructor in advance). Typically there is a window of opportunity during which a student can begin taking an online exam or quiz, but once the assessment is started time may be limited. For example, a student may have between Monday and Thursday to take a test, but once they click the “Begin” button, they have 40 minutes to complete the test. It is important to study for an online assessment as you would for the face-to-face version to be fully prepared.Review of the online assessment takes place online, after the instructor has released the grades. It is up to the instructor which fields are displayed in the feedback, but common review fields include, the question, whether the student got the answer correct or incorrect, the correct answer, feedback, and the grade.