Assignments (Dropboxes)



Homework assignments, research papers, labs, etc. are typically submitted to the instructor in person and in hard copy form in the traditional classroom. Given the dramatic increase in the number of face-to-face courses that utilize online technologies, however, students may be required to submit assignments online in certain face-to-face courses. Review of the graded assignment often takes place within the physical classroom. Assignments in online courses are typically submitted through an online dropbox. Depending on the settings chosen by the instructor, the student may have the ability to type directly in a message box, attach a file (or number of files), or submit their assignment multiple times. Dropboxes, like assessments, have specific opening and closing dates that students must follow. Review of graded assignments takes place online. When an instructor grades an online assignment there is the opportunity to provide a grade, feedback remarks, and/or a graded file attachment.