Tutorials, How-To Videos and Documents

We have looked at the terminology associated with presentation software and are now ready to look at more specific how-to’s. Below are links to step-by-step tutorials from the Microsoft Website that explains common presentation tasks and provides instructions and tips for performing these functions in the most efficient manner. The links below will take you through the process of creating a presentation, adding and working with different types of content, working with animation and transitions and finally, viewing and printing your presentation. The tutorials are either text or video based and all demonstrate tasks in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 — our campus standard at Broome Community College.

Note: The tutorials and documents listed below are only a small percentage of the complete set of the complete series available on the Microsoft site. To access all available Microsoft Office training materials please visit Microsoft’s site at:


Links to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Tutorials and Documents

Getting Started with PowerPoint 2010

This video will show you how to get started in creating a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

Creating a Basic PowerPoint Presentation

If you are new to Microsoft PowerPoint and with presentation creation software in general, then the link to the site above is for you. It contains links to articles that will walk you through the basics of creating, formatting and distributing your first PowerPoint presentation.

Basic Tasks in PowerPoint 2010

This article will provide you with printable step by step instructions for performing basic tasks in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Animations and Transitions

This interactive course, will show you how to add animations and transitions in PowerPoint 2010. You will learn how to animate individual items on your slides such as text, charts and shapes as well as changing the animated transisiton of one slide to the next.

Charts and Diagrams I: SmartArt graphics

This course will show you how to insert charts and diagrams into your presentaton. SmartArt graphics will also be discussed.

Charts and Diagrams II: Data Charts

Learn the basics of representing your data visually by creating your own pie, column and line charts.

Inserting Video Into Your Presentation

Learn how to embed, link and insert videos into a presentation and also how to work with the playback and sizing options.

PowerPoint 2010 Tips and Tricks

This course will give you a few time-saving techniques that you can use when working with Microsoft PowerPoint..

PowerPoint 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts

Using the keyboard rather than menus or toolbars can be a real time saver. This course will introduce you to the shortcut keyboard combinations that you can use to carry out commonly performed tasks.