Switching Between Views

So far, we have only looked at one of the Windows Explorer views that are available for looking at your files and folders. Windows Explorer allows for several additional methods of viewing. Some of the views increase the size of the icons in the display window (which is especially handy when viewing files that are images or photos) and other views give additional information about the file (e.g., the “Details” view). Below, we will look at the method for switching between views.

How to switch between views in Windows Explorer:

To change the view of the Windows Explorer, position your mouse on the drop-down arrow in the upper right corner of the Windows Explorer window. A pop-up message displaying “More options” should appear. Click the drop-down arrow to display the additional options available to you.

drop-down arrow to display additional views


This will bring up a listing of the views available. To select a view, click on it in the list. If you would like to preview what the view will look like, slide the selector arrow up or down to a view and see the view change in the Windows Explorer window. You can then select a view by releasing the mouse button when the desired option is reached.

select the view