Deleting a File or Folder

The shortcut menu that we have been using for copying and moving also allows for the deletion of items as well. BE VERY CAREFUL when deleting items from a folder or drive. If a mistake is made and an item is deleted accidentally, it is often gone permanently. The exception to this is if the item existed on the hard drive of the computer (the C:\ drive). Windows offers a utility (known as the recycle bin) that will give you a second chance if an item is deleted in error. The Recycle Bin typically resides on the Windows Desktop. To retrieve an accidentally deleted file, double-click on the recycle bin. If your file is there, you can right-click on it and select “Restore”. Doing so will put the file back in its original location on the C:\ drive.

It is important to note, that the recycle bin only gives a second chance to items that are deleted off of the hard drive (C:\). Files that are saved on an external flash drive, external hard drive or network drive are deleted PERMENANTLY when delete is selected. There is no recycle bin for these external storage areas.