Assessments (Quizzes and Exams)

A majority of SUNY Online-Powered courses rely on some form of assessment with quizzes or exams. The tools built into the Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver these assessments provide instructors with many options to customize delivery of these quizzes and exams. In an assessment, there are several types of questions available such as multiple choice, true/false, short answer, matching, and essay to name a few. Additionally, there are settings to control the time limit of the assessment once a student begins and other controls that dictate whether a student can return to a question once it has been answered. These controls are just another reason why it is as important to study for an online exam or quiz as you would for one that you would take face-to-face! While you could take the exam or quiz from a location of your choosing, it is strongly recommended that you take assessments in a quiet location with minimal distractions to ensure you have ample time and focus to complete the assessment.